Referral Program
for Brands Heroes

Each referral earns you $50, and the customer receives a $50 discount.

To join, follow these steps:

Sign up for


Automatic approvals make signing up quick and easy.

Get your referral link

Your unique link will keep track of who clicks on it and credit you for any payments.

Share your link

The possibilities are endless: share with your friends, and your Social groups, create a blog or a YouTube video.

Receive payment without restrictions

You can recommend as many individuals as you like, with no restrictions, and you’ll automatically receive $50 for each referral in your PayPal account.

Check out the data on your dashboard

Sign in to your account to access comprehensive click metrics besides conversion rate.


What is the payment process?

You must configure your PayPal account in the dashboard after registering if you want to accept money from us. Currently, we don’t provide further services like direct bank transfers.

Is there a waiting period before I receive my payment?

There is a 30-day wait period after someone makes a purchase through your referral link to confirm the transaction. The commission will then be directly transferred to your PayPal account.

Where can I share my referral links?

Anywhere you like, for example, among your Facebook friends or groups. You can promote Brand Featured on your blog or YouTube channel if you provide content. There are countless opportunities.

How are referrals tracked?

A cookie is placed on the visitor’s computer after they click your referral link, and it remains there for 7 days. You will receive a commission if they make a purchase during this time. With our last click methodology, the referral link that was most recently clicked receives the commission.

When I sign up, I only see the basic package. What are the referral links for the Pro & Unlimited packages?

We will instantly enrol you in the Pro & Unlimited packages when you register to be an affiliate of the Basic Package. Therefore, you only need to share your single referral link, and it will operate for any package they purchase.

I see three things with various referral links when I check in. Why does this matter?

You can utilize any of the referral links, and you’ll still receive the purchase fee even if they purchase a different package (for instance, they clicked your Basic Pack link but purchased the Pro Package).