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We will post your content on over 100 reputable news websites in our network, with assured publication of NBC, FOX, CBS, & USA Today affiliates.
You will receive a PDF summary of all live links to your content as confirmation that they featured it.
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Immense social proof

A crucial element of trust that has been shown to boost conversions and improve sales is “As Shown On NBC, FOX, CBS, USA Today.”

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There will be links in every article directing readers back to your website. Backlinks are crucial for improving your Google ranking, and you’ll receive 100+ reliable links.

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How it functions

Get featured on NBC, FOX, CBS and more with these 3 simple steps.

We write a piece about your company.

Or you can give us your own. The article will feature your company and the products or services you provide.

Your content is posted on more than 100 news websites.

We broadcast your article to an enormous network of news websites and television stations, including NBC, FOX, and CBS affiliates.

You can now use the phrase ``Featured On NBC, FOX, and CBS``

A document with all the active links to your content will be sent to you. Evidence that we have mentioned your company.

Writing your article

Our Pro and Unlimited Packages have your article written by our professional writing staff.

We research your topic and brand, then write a 200-400 word article draft. After you check it over and request any revisions, we publish the article to our network of news stations.

For an example of our writing, please see this example article.

If you want to write the article yourself, you can pick the Basic Package and upload your article. We’ll then publish it to our network.

Publishing your article

Once your article is written, we’ll publish your article to over 100 authority news sites with guaranteed approval to affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today.

Here are some of the news, TV, and radio sites you’ll be published in:

After your article is live

Once your article is published, we’ll send you proof of the article being live on 100+ news sites. You can now use the logos of the big companies you’ve been featured on proudly in your site or on the front cover of your new book.

Some notable companies we publish to:

  •    – NBC
  •    – CBS
  •    – FOX
  •    – USA Today
  •    – Google News
  •    – Digital Journal
  •    – MarketWatch
  •    – Daily Herald
  •    – Times Record

Who we aim this for

Almost every company in any industry can benefit from being highlighted, including

  • E-commerce businesses
  • Tech companies
  • Influencers, freelancers, and artists
  • Coaches and information goods
  • Service providers
  • And a lot more...

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Select your plan!

Basic $269

We publish the article you provide us.

  • Publication assured of more than 100 sites
  • Published to the USA Today, NBC, FOX, and CBS affiliates
  • Publication on Google News & Digital Journal
  • PDFs of all of your articles with live URLs
  • Delivery in 4 days
  • You supply us with the article to publish.
PRO $369


We write your content and publish it.

  • Publication assured of more than 100 sites
  • Published to the USA Today, NBC, FOX, and CBS affiliates
  • Publication on Google News and Digital Journal
  • PDFs of all of your articles with live URLs
  • Delivery in 10 days
  • 200-word essay that is written professionally
  • Free rewrites twice
Unlimited $569

Changes are unlimited before publication

  • Publication assured of more than 100 sites
  • Published to the USA Today, NBC, FOX, and CBS affiliates
  • Publication on Google News & Digital Journal
  • PDFs of all of your articles with live URLs
  • Delivery in 10 days
  • 400 words professionally written article
  • Changes to your article are unlimited.

For Bulk Pricing: See Here for rates

100% money-back assurance

Your article will definitely be posted on our extensive network of reputable news websites, including partners of USA Today, FOX, NBC, and CBS. Please contact us so that we can help you if, for any reason, you aren’t published on any of the news networks stated above in a timely and kind refund.


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What do you need from me to write my article?

While many writers prefer lengthy questionnaires to gather information that often eats up your time, we at Brand Heroes seek just 3 things: your website, the topic on which you want the article to be written, and 1-2 quotes that best describe your business. With extensive research, we will write your article with that information only.

Can I have an opportunity to check my article before it’s published?

Certainly. After we write the article, before publication, there will be facilities for up to 2 rounds of revisions under the Pro package and unlimited revisions under the Unlimited package.

Why can’t I publish it myself? Why do I need to go through you at all?

You do have the option to reach out to each news station individually. However, it’s most likely that you won’t get published since they typically work with clients who provide a bulk number of articles per month only. In all practicalities, it would take several months and even years for you to build a network of over 100 new sites from scratch.

What are the topics my article can cover?

While it can be just a general announcement of your business, talking about the features and benefits, it can also be any newsworthy topic; for example, about a new product you have just launched.

How long does it take for completing the entire procedure of publishing?

If you provide us the article for publishing, it will require 4 days.  If you want us to write the article before publishing, it will take 10 days. The timelines, however, do not include the time for revisions, if any, requested by you.

Will I be published on the main website of NBC, FOX, etc.?

You won’t be published on the main websites (for example fox.com) since they are reserved for national headline news. However, you will be published on their local affiliates such as FOX 28, FOX 43, etc. which are the official sites for these TV stations. For example, FOX 43 is for Channel 43 in a specific city and is part of the FOX News network. This is as if getting published in a local newspaper.

Which are the sites where my article will be published exactly?

Fox 28, NBC 2, USA Today AZ Central, CBS KUTV2, CBS WBOC, NBC 21, FOX 40, NBC 3 WRCB TW, Fox 43, NBC WRDE Coast TV, NBC 29, Tulsa CW, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Daily Herald, Times Record, The Punxsutawney Spirit, The Inyo Register, The Chronicle Journal, 1007 The Score, Doublet 973, 93.7 The Eagle, The Drive 929, Talk 1170 Radio, K-Hits 1069, HTV 10, News on 6, 2 News, 98.5 KVOO, News 9, Big Country 99.5, Lubbock CW, Magic 106.5, My Lubbock TV, NCN News Central, NCN News Omaha & Lincoln, NCN News Mid Plains, NCN News Northeast Nebraska, NCN News Panhandle, NCN News Platte Valley, NCN News Southeast Nebraska, Oldies 97.7, RFD TV, 96.9 The Bull, SNN News, Telemundo Lubbock, WENY News, Erie News Now, 1077.7 Yes FM, News OK, Marketplace, Minyanville, Malvern Daily Record, Sweetwater Reporter, My Mother Lode, Poteau Daily News, Decatur Daily Democrat, Deer Park Tribune, The Ridgway Record, Antlers American, Wapakoneta Daily News, Starkville Daily News, The Buffalo News, The Saline Courier, The Kane Republican, SM Daily Press, The Community Post, AZ Central Finance, The Evening Leader, One Observer News Enterprise, Fat Pitch Financials, Daily Times Leader, Post & Mail, Wall Street Select, Morning News, Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, Mammoth Times, Big Spring Herald, Borger News-Herald, Carolina Reporter & News, Financial Content, Statesman Examiner, Menlo Park, Corte Madera, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Santa Clara, Walnut Creek Guide, Daily City, Mill Valley, Livermore, Danville, Pleasanton, The Pilot News.
Please note that these sites are subject to change without notice. At any given point in time, the list may not incorporate the latest changes to reflect an up-to-date version.

What do you need from me to write my article?

Many writers require lengthy questionnaires from you that waste your time. We only require 3 things: your website, the topic you want the article to be about, and 1-2 quotes that best describe your business. We’ll do the research to write your article with just that information.

I want to write my article. What are the guidelines?

  • Word count of the article must be between 200-500.
  • It should not have more than 1 link per 100 words.
  • The headline must essentially include the company’s name and be free from personal pronouns (‘I’, ‘me’, ‘you’, etc.).
  • The article cannot be written like a sales pitch — it must be neutral/informational. Its body mustn’t include first person or second person voices (‘I’, ‘me’, ‘you’, ‘your’ etc.).
  • The article must relate to a specific topic — no general articles are allowed.
  • Bullet-point lists or fragmented texts should be avoided as they will not be accepted by some news outlets.
  • Must be in English.

Are there any topics/businesses that you don’t accept?

Articles with offensive, objectionable, or illegal subject matters are not accepted by Brand Heroes. These typically include guns, alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, legal cases, negative press, loans, multi-level marketing, dating sites, 3rd party companies, and more.

This is the full list of banned topics:

  • Negative news about any 3rd party person, company, government, country, religion, or race.
  • Politics-related content.
  • ICOs/Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency (blockchain allowed but no coin offering).
  • Forex trading (books/teaching courses are exceptions), dating apps, or websites.
  • Adult and Sex (The word ‘sex’ is also not allowed).
  • Content relating to sexual reproductive health.
  • Articles about underwear, revealing swimwear, lingerie, bras, or undergarments.
  • Articles relating to Guns/Weapons/Alcohol/Illicit Drugs/Marijuana, or CBD (including Cannabis or Legal CBD)/Tobacco/Vaping.
  • Cosmetic procedures and body modification (i.e. Plastic Surgery).
  • Articles that encourage race or gender-related job discrimination.
  • Articles on topics of money-making scams/MLM/online gambling/loans, cash advances/lending of any sort/credit repair/debt settlement/debt management/credit health.
  • Articles with subject matters concerning legal cases/litigation.
  • Articles on nutritional supplements or those with medical/hormonal claims.
  • Articles containing illegal or unethical behavior on the part of another party, such as kidnapping, torture, etc.
  • Articles intended for buying likes, followers, and views for social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • Articles containing affiliate marketing links or HopLinks
  • Phone unlock/phone jailbreaking content.
  • Articles featuring weight loss products.
  • Websites flagged as “potential malware threats.”
  • Articles related to Bail Bonds.
  • Hiring/auditioning for fashion models.
  • Content related to live streaming or broadcasting.
  • Content related to COVID-19 testing kits.
  • Articles/content promoting marketing or advertising of pseudo-religious artifacts, trinkets, or services (amulets, charms, magic, fortune-telling, predictions, etc.).

Will you rewrite my article if I’m not happy with it?

We will endeavor to make it perfect the first time. However, if rewriting is needed, you will be offered 2 revisions under our Pro package and unlimited revisions under the Unlimited package.

What are the billing procedures?

You can make payment via credit card or Paypal on the Checkout Page. Credit card information is verified and secured by Stripe.

Additional queries

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