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Brand Heroes commenced its journey as a team of passionate writers and marketers with one single goal — to help businesses get more sales at the lowest market cost.

While it’s no secret that for getting more sales in any business, improving conversions is essential, from our analysis we concluded that it’s the trust factor alone that is the key determinant for augmenting conversions. Visitors who trust you, invariably become your customers, sooner or later. Our research further revealed that smaller companies can boost their reputation manifold, that in turn can help them to enhance sales and survive the fierce competition by getting associated with their bigger counterparts.

However, it’s a discomforting reality that getting associated with bigger companies is always an uphill task for these smaller companies, irrespective of the industry they belong to. And after serious brainstorming sessions that were intended for finding out the most viable ways and means in this regard, we found that getting featured on major news outlets can be a workable solution.  But it’s not an easy task since there is no public way to submit articles to these sites — no submission page and no email you can have access to. Thus, the only way that remains to get published is through private connections.

“Being featured on major news outlets is no easy task —
there is no public way to submit articles to those sites.”

Finally, after years of networking events, calls, and emails, we were able to build the network we have now — access to over 100 affiliates of major news stations including NBC, FOX, CBS, and USA Today, the heavyweights. By writing and publishing articles about our clients through these channels, we are now able to share this network (and the social proof that comes with it) with you.

A fast, straightforward, and reliable way to boost conversions is finally here for you and we always look forward to helping you succeed!

— The Brand Heroes Team

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